Peer and Practice Assessor – Program Volunteer

ActivityPeer and Practice Assessment Program
RolePeer and Practice Assessor
No. of Positions10 (10 Professional members)
AreaOperations- Peer and practice assessors
DutiesPeer and practice assessors are responsible for the fair and objective evaluation of Registrants who are randomly selected  to undergo a peer and practice assessment in accordance with the criteria established by the Quality Assurance (“QA”) Committee, coordinating and carrying out scheduled virtual peer and practice assessments with assigned Registrants, preparing a written report following the assessment, describing key observations and findings, providing reports  to the Professional Practice Department in a timely manner, and attending all training sessions and any additional meetings as required.
Work VolumePeer and practice assessments are typically scheduled between July and December each year. Assessors are expected to complete approximately 10-15 assessments during this period. Peer assessors schedule the assessments at times that are mutually convenient for them and the assigned Registrants.
CompensationThe College pays peer assessors $300 per assessment, this includes preparation, conducting the assessment and drafting the Assessor’s Report.
Knowledge baseGeneral: Commitment to conducting fair, objective, bias-free assessment of a Registrant’s clinical knowledge and understanding of the standards of the profession. Strong working knowledge of the scope of practice of naturopathy in Ontario and the College’s regulations, standards of practice, guidelines, and policies. Strong communication skills, both written and oral. Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
DisqualificationsThe following individuals would be disqualified from being appointed to this role. An individual that does not hold a General class certification of registration. Individuals who have not actively practiced naturopathy in Ontario for at least three years. Individuals who have not undergone a peer and practice assessment.  Individuals who are non-compliant with the College’s QA Program requirements or who have been disqualified from Council or a committee of the College in the previous three years.  Any individual who is currently or has been a member of the College’s staff at any time within the preceding one year or is currently or has been a member of the College’s Council or QA Committee within the preceding one year. An individual who is currently a member of the Council or committee of any other regulatory health college. An individual who is in default of payment of any fees prescribed by the by-laws or any fine or order for costs to the College imposed by a college committee or court of law or is the subject of any disciplinary or incapacity proceeding. An individual who is in default in completing and returning any form required by the College, or has had a finding of professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity against them in the proceeding five years.
How to ApplyApplications may be submitted online through the College’s
Volunteer Application Process.