Assessment Process

In support of our volunteer program, we use an assessment process to ensure that potential volunteers have the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the volunteer role they choose. Where those skills may not be fully developed, the Committee will also ensure that appropriate education and training is provided to help volunteers develop those skills.

The assessment process has several components that may be taken in different orders depending on the circumstances.

Application – this is the start of the volunteering program where a person who is interested completes an on-line application to volunteer by providing their background information, interests, educational history and availability. An up-to-date curriculum vitae is also requested.

Orientation – this is a 2-3 hour on-line session where senior College staff provide potential volunteers with information about the roles within the College, the amount of work that can be expected and how we assign individuals and compensate them.

Competency Self-Assessment – each volunteer is asked to complete a short review that helps us measure the individual’s knowledge and skills in certain areas. Some areas are required while other represent skills that can be learned while volunteering.

Meeting with a Panel – each volunteer is asked to meet with a panel of the Governance Committee for a short review of their experience, skills and areas of interest. The intention is to ensure that volunteers are well suited and well positioned to be successful in their chosen role(s).

Appointment – volunteers who are deemed to be qualified to assume a role within the College are recommended by the Governance Committee to the Council for appointment. Appointments can be made at any of the six meetings of the Council annually and are for approximately one year.

The application of this process will vary depending on whether a volunteer is interested in a governance role or an operational role.

StepGovernance RoleOperational Role
ApplicationSubmitted on-lineSubmitted on-line
OrientationConducted by CEOConducted by Program Director
Competency self-assessmentRequired for allRequired for all
Meeting with a PanelGovernance Committee panelSelection panel of staff or staff/committee members.
AppointmentBy the CouncilBy the CEO