In Conversation With Series

In conversation with series by College of naturopaths of ontario

Everybody has questions—it’s a good thing! Asking questions helps us better understand the world around us and events that happen in that world. They help us to learn and grow, especially in a world that is as nuanced as ours is today.

To further expand everyone’s understanding of the regulatory world, the College is launching a new initiative: the “In Conversation With” series, to bring together those who have questions and those who may have the right answers.


The series features different staff and volunteers of the College in a fireside chat or townhall format. People who have questions they would like to ask are asked to submit those questions in advance (you don’t need to provide your name if you don’t feel comfortable).

The “speaker” with whom the conversation is being held, will be able to group similar questions and themes to be able to answer as many questions as possible, live in a meeting. Individuals who wish to attend will be required to register (we have a limited number of spaces) and will be provided individualized log in information.

During the session, when the speaker has answered a particular question, the moderator will open the floor to follow up or related questions. These questions can be posed either through a “chat” feature with the moderator or live.

Although the College will be using a video conferencing system, attendees are not required to have their video feed on.