As the regulatory body for the profession, the College of Naturopaths of Ontario supports the public’s right to safe, competent and ethical naturopathic care. The College does this by setting requirements to enter the profession, establishing comprehensive standards, and administering quality assurance programs. Acting in the public interest, the College holds Ontario’s regulated Naturopaths accountable for their conduct and practice.

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Website Changes - The College is in the process of finalizing website changes designed to improve users' experience.  All changes are expected to be completed by the end of March with the most notable changes being a new Home page and a new menu structure.  To prepare for this, we are presently moving some information around to ensure maximum benefit of the new menu structure.  We ask for your patience while these changes are underway.  If you cannot locate information that you need, please contact the College so that we can assist you.

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    The College's regular office hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with some exceptions, such as statutory holidays. If you plan to visit during office hours, please contact the College to set up an appointment.

    Please note that the College will be closed for Good Friday on April 14th, 2017 and for Easter Monday, on April 17th, 2017. The College will re-open for its regular hours on Tuesday, April 18th at 9:00 a.m.