Suspensions, Revocations, Reinstatements and TCLs

This section of the website sets out new suspensions, revocations, reinstatements and terms, conditions and limitations placed on the certificate of registration of Registrants of the College within the last 60-days. Information from timeframes longer than 60-days is available on the College’s public register, discipline outcomes page, and complaints and reports outcome page.


RegistrantEffective DateComments
Nelly Fayez Naguib28/02/24Failure to be insured
Christopher Mazzuchin01/03/24Failure to be insured
Jacob Kipfer22/03/24Failure to be insured
Jacqueline Cooper01/04/24Failure to be insured
Margaret Michelle Meyer01/04/24Failure to be insured
Holly Jean WhiteKnight01/04/24Failure to be insured
Peter J. Tebruegge01/04/24Failure to be insured


RegistrantEffective DateComments


RegistrantEffective DateComments
Megan Louise Druet07/03/24
Katarina Obr Vaculik13/03/24
Heather A. Fennell03/04/24
Devin Bruce McEachern04/04/24
Melanie Sarah Hudson04/04/24
Lei Gu04/04/24
Joseph Kellerstein04/04/24
Kimberly Dianne Oxbro04/04/24
Gemma Waldron04/04/24
Robert J. Dronyk05/04/24
Rachel Marie Worth-Cappell05/04/24
Elizabeth Goldspink08/04/24
Danika Garby08/04/24
Andra Marie Medore Campitelli08/04/24
Jennifer Lynne Timms08/04/24
Christy Rhiannon Burkitt11/04/24
Nadia Rosa Arnone15/04/24
Heidi Marie Willms16/04/24
Ruth Anne Baron18/04/24

Terms, Conditions and Limitations (TCLs)

RegistrantEffective DateComments


RegistrantEffective DateComments
Julia Naomi Johnson27/02/24Resigned
Lisa Varadi01/03/24Resigned
Soodabeh Aziziyan06/03/24Resigned
Mary Caracoglia15/03/24Resigned
Valerie Penton12/03/24Resigned
Larissa Anne Popov15/03/24Resigned
Gerard Michael Matthew Derganc19/03/24Resigned
Amy Carolyn Murphy20/03/24Resigned
Mairead Fitzpatrick20/03/24Resigned
Laura Crawford20/03/24Resigned
Saimah Khan25/03/24Resigned
Cynthia Kwong25/03/24Resigned
Inna Lokshin25/03/24Resigned
Pascaline Therese Phillips31/03/24Resigned
Arthur E. Mueller31/03/24Resigned
Tyler Ryan Roberts31/03/24Resigned
Daphne F. Rappard01/04/24Resigned