IVIT & Inspections

Intravenous Infusion Therapy (IVIT) procedures involve the compounding of drugs to make a customised therapeutic product for the purpose of administering by intravenous injection to a patient, and the administration of said product. If conducted improperly, these procedures may be harmful to the patient.

IVIT Examination

To ensure the safety of the people of Ontario who choose to access these services, the College maintains an inspection programs and requires Registrants, wishing to provide IVIT services to meet the Standard of Practice for IVIT by successfully completing a College-approved course and passing the IVIT Exam.

In addition to that, the College requires that Registrants wishing to offer IVIT services also meet the Standard of Practice for Prescribing which entails completing a College-approved course and the Prescribing Exam.

More information on the IVIT examination.


Additionally, any premises that proposes to offer or currently offers IVIT procedures must undergo scheduled inspections to ensure standards and requirements are met.

More information on the College’s inspection program.