Resigning Your Registration

If you resign your registration, you are giving up your certificate of registration with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (the College) and will no longer be able to practise the profession in the province of Ontario.

Before requesting a resignation, you must ensure any outstanding requirements have been dealt with, whether those are related to Registration, Quality Assurance, or Complaints and Discipline.

During Registration Renewal, Registrants may resign their registration; however, this must be done before the end of the renewal period on March 31 annually. If you seek to resign after renewal closes, you will be required to pay your registration fee for the year and complete the information return form before resigning. To resign your registration, you will need to submit a completed online Resignation Application form along with evidence of professional liability insurance providing enduring (tail) coverage for at least five years from your last date of practise.

Processing a resignation may require up to 10 business days to complete. A resignation is not complete until it is processed and acknowledged by the College.

If you later wish to practise naturopathy in Ontario, you must reapply to the College as a new applicant and meet all entry-to-practice registration requirements in effect at the time of re-application, including completion of any required entry-to-practise examinations.