Registration Renewal

To maintain registration with the College, and the ability to practise the profession in Ontario, Registrants in both the General and Inactive classes are required to renew their registration annually.

Renewal includes completing the online Information Return Form and paying the annual renewal fee. Both the form and renewal fee are made available via your College user account dashboard at the opening of registration renewal each year (on or the date closest to February 14), and must be successfully submitted by the annual deadline of March 31 for your renewal to be complete.

Renewing Late

Renewing after the deadline will result in a late fee being applied to your account and the receipt of a Notice of Intent to Suspend, providing 30 days to pay all fees. Failure to pay the fees and/or complete the Information Return Form after 30 days will result in an immediate suspension and the application of a reinstatement fee.

Renewal Fees

In accordance with the College By-laws (Section 18.04) registration fees* are adjusted annually by an amount equivalent to the change in the provincial Consumer Price Index (CPI). A notification regarding the change in fees resulting from this automatic increase is sent to all Registrants in mid-January of each year.

To assist Registrants in paying their renewal fees, a Payment Plan Program is made available on an annual basis.

*Registration fees are set to recover the cost of operations necessary for regulating the naturopathic profession in Ontario in the interest of public protection. The Council of the College sets these fees (enshrined in Schedule 3 of the College By-laws) and approves the annual operating budget in keeping with its regulatory obligations.  For a summary of how the College spends its funds, please consult our annual report.

Additional Resources

Have questions about or need help with completing your annual renewal? Our renewal fact sheets and guides are available to assist you.