All Registrants who hold a General Certificate of Registration are required to annually complete the self-assessment component of the program.

The Quality Assurance Committee has designed various self-assessments based on different Standards of Practice and Guidelines. The self-assessments use questions and scenarios to help you evaluate and improve your practices where necessary. They are designed to be supportive and useful for your professional development and are a valuable opportunity for you to learn and grow as a professional.

Please note that the self-assessment component needs to be completed annually as part of your registration renewal and prior to the March 31 renewal deadline.

2024 Self-Assessment Questionnaires

For the 2024 registration year, Registrants need to complete three (3) online self-assessment questionnaires. 

These include two (2) mandatory Self-Assessments: Delegation and Fees & Billing. In addition to these two mandatory self-assessments, Registrants need to complete one (1) more self-assessment of their choosing from the list of options below that suits their interests and needs.

Mandatory Self-Assessment


Delegation is when a regulated health professional (delegator) who has the authority and the skill to perform a controlled act, temporarily transfers that authority to a person (delegatee) who would otherwise not be able to perform the procedure.

Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario have the authority to do this for some controlled acts. This self-assessment helps you to assess your knowledge of the delegation requirements and guidelines in order to be in compliance with both your professional and legal responsibilities.

Fees & Billing

Fees are an indispensable part of every ND’s practice, however they are subject to certain rules and standards. Before providing care or treatment, NDs have to make sure the patient is informed about all relevant financial policies and payment requirements, the fee and fee schedule for their situation, any extra fees that might be relevant, how the fee is determined, and the ways they can pay.

NDs must give receipts for all payments and inform the patient about any balance or refund in a timely manner. NDs cannot charge fees for dispensing or any fee that is excessive or not related to the services they offer. This self-assessment helps Registrants learn and asess their knowledge of the requirements governing fees and billing.

The Delegation and Fees & Billing Self-Assessments must be completed by all Registrants holding a General Class Certificate of Registration.


Fees & Billing

Additional Self-Assessments

Registrants must select one (1) of the following self-assessments to complete in addition to the two mandatory self-assessments.  The additional self-assessment each focuses on an area of practice and are related to the Standards of Practice and Guidelines of the profession.  The additional self-assessments are:


Conflict of Interest

Informed Consent

Inspection Program

Mandatory Reporting

Quality Assurance Program

Record Keeping

Restricted Titles and Dual Registration

Sexual Abuse and Boundaries



When completing your registration renewal form, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed your annual Self-Assessment Questionnaires. The College will provide you with a letter of completion following the March 31 registration renewal deadline. The data gathered from the self-assessment is confidential and the outcomes are not shared amongst the College departments. The self-assessment is designed to help you identify and maintain competency in order to continue to provide safe, competent and ethical care to your patients.

Your Self-Assessment completion letter should be filed and maintained in your professional portfolio for a minimum of six (6) years. The letter will be reviewed by an assessor when you are randomly selected to undergo a peer and practice assessment.