If you hold a General Certificate of Registration, your mandatory annual Quality Assurance (QA) duties include a Self-Assessment component.

This new Self-Assessment tool is focused on advertising, and includes an online questionnaire that must be completed each year as part of your registration renewal. It replaces the previous Self-Assessment tool that focused on core competencies and standards of practice.

Self-assessment questionnaire

The questionnaire is one of many advertising resources developed to help Registrants meet their professional and legal obligations. It uses interactive questions to help you assess and amend your advertising where necessary.

The new Self-Assessment has four steps: Read, Identify, Review and Change.

Read our resources

Our online advertising resources have been developed to help naturopaths review and correct their advertising.

Identify the advertising you are responsible for

Advertising includes, but is not limited to, public promotion of a regulated health service to attract patients or consumers, and/or encourage the use of your services.

This includes online advertising (such as websites and social media channels) as well as all print and broadcast advertising (such as flyers, business cards, and radio ads) that is within your control.

If you (directly or as a member of a clinic) publish content copied from another website or request a marketing agency or third party to draft advertising for you, you are still ultimately responsible for that content.

Review and make changes where necessary

While claims you make in advertising might be clear to you, they can be misunderstood by patients and consumers. Review your advertising using the questionnaire below and make any changes to ensure it is not false, misleading or deceiving.


After completing your registration renewal form, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed your annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire. The College will not review the details of your Self-Assessment Questionnaire except to confirm completion.