All Registrants who hold a General Certificate of Registration, have a  mandatory annual Quality Assurance (QA) duty to complete the self-assessment component.

The Quality Assurance Committee has developed a number of online self-assessments to be completed by Registrants.  These new self-assessments are based on various Standards of Practice and Guidelines and use questions and scenarios to help you assess and update your practices where necessary.

The self-assessment component must be completed annually as part of your registration renewal and prior to the March 31 renewal deadline.

Self-assessment questionnaires

For the 2022 registration year, Registrants are required to complete a total of three (3) self-assessment questionnaires.  This includes one (1) mandatory Record Keeping Self-Assessment and two (2) additional self-assessments of their choosing.

Mandatory Self-Assessment

Record keeping is an integral part of naturopathic practice and demonstrates the ND’s accountability as a regulated health professional.  Records serve as a tool to facilitate good care, aid in continuity of care, and assist health care professionals to monitor a patient’s health status, treatments provided and outcomes.  Records that comply with the Standard of Practice for Record Keeping facilitate safe, competent and ethical patient care.  They reflect processes such as informed consent, collaborative goal setting, clinical reasoning and treatment planning, as well as evaluation of patient outcomes.

The Record Keeping Self-Assessment must be completed by all Registrants holding a General Class Certificate of Registration.

Record Keeping Self-Assessment

Additional Self-Assessments

Registrants must select two (2) of the following self-assessments to complete in addition to the mandatory Record Keeping Self-Assessment.  The additional self-assessments each focus on an area of practice and are related to the Standards of Practice and Guidelines of the profession.  The additional self-assessments are:

Conflict of Interest


Fees and Billing

Informed Consent

Sexual Abuse and Boundaries



When completing your registration renewal form, you will be asked to confirm that you have completed your annual Self-Assessment Questionnaires. The College will provide you with a letter of completion following the March 31 deadline. We will not review the details of your Self-Assessment Questionnaires except to confirm completion. The data gathered from the self-assessment is confidential and your results will not be shared amongst the College departments. The self-assessment is designed to help you identify and maintain competency as well as to advance professionally to provide safe, ethical care to your patients.

The College recommends filing the completion letter in your professional portfolio for a minimum of six years. The letter will be reviewed by an assessor when you are randomly selected to undergo a peer and practice assessment.