Peer & Practice Assessment

A peer and practice assessment is an objective review of your knowledge and performance to ensure you are providing safe, ethical, and competent patient care. It can help you improve your practice by giving you the opportunity to meet with a peer and discuss practice-related issues through a supportive, transparent, and educational process. The goal of the College-trained assessors is to provide a positive learning experience relevant to your practice.

Before the assessment

Each year, the College randomly selects up to 20% of Registrants who hold a General certificate of registration to participate in a peer and practice assessment. If you are selected, we will notify you by email and have you complete an online pre-assessment questionnaire that includes questions related to your practice such as the type of practice, area of focus or authorised acts you perform, and allows you to declare any conflicts of interest you may have with a potential assessor.

You will also receive a comprehensive peer and practice assessment package that includes the worksheets you will complete before your assessment. You will be notified when an assessor is assigned, and they will contact you directly to arrange an appropriate date and time for the peer and practice assessment. You have six months from the date you have been notified of your peer and practice assessment to complete it.

During the assessment

The peer and practice assessment will take approximately two to three hours and will include a discussion of the:

  • Patient Chart Review,
  • Premises Review,
  • Professional Portfolio Review,
  • Chart Stimulated Recall, and
  • Chosen standards, policies, and guidelines.

At the end, your assessor will provide you with an overview of their assessment including what you are doing well and where improvements can be made. You will have the chance to discuss any issues or clarify any information.

After the assessment

The College will send you a copy of the assessor’s report and a letter with the Quality Assurance Committee’s opinion of your peer and practice assessment.

Below you will find links to the handbook, forms, and worksheets.

Peer & Practice Assessment Handbook

Pre-Assessment Information and Declaration of a Conflict of Interest

Chart Stimulated Recall Worksheet

Premises Review Worksheet

Professional Portfolio Worksheet

Standard of Practice Review Worksheet

Assessor Report

Peer & Practice Assessment Extension Request Form

Registrant Feedback Form

Patient Files Review Worksheet