Professional Portfolio

A Professional Portfolio contains all the information relating to your participation in the Quality Assurance (QA) Program. The Portfolio, which must be retained for a minimum of six years, is divided into three mandatory sections:

In addition to these sections, you may wish to include information that highlights your ongoing competence. Although the College has developed the overall structure of the Professional Portfolio, please feel free to customise your own.

Section 1: Self-Assessment

Once you have completed the self-assessment questionnaire, we will send you a letter of completion to file in your professional portfolio, which will be reviewed during your Peer and Practice Assessment.

Section 2: Continuing Education and Professional Development

You must maintain all documents related to the completion of the required credits in your Professional Portfolio. These include:

  • the Continuing Education and Professional Development Log (ongoing summary of completed learning activities);
  • proof of attendance and completion of lessons, e.g. a certificate of completion from a course or lecture you attended, a letter confirming your participation as a supervisor in a student clinic, a copy of a published article you authored, etc.;
  • materials gathered while fulfilling the Continuing Education and Professional Development requirements, e.g. course outlines, brochures, receipts, etc.; and
  • proof of valid Health Care Provider Level CPR.

Section 3: Peer and Practice Assessment

Your Professional Portfolio must include:

  • your most recent Assessor Report,
  • Quality Assurance Committee Decision and Recommendations, and
  • documentation to support ways of addressing identified areas of improvement (if applicable).

Below you will find a link to download the Professional Portfolio Handbook.

Professional Portfolio Handbook.