Entry-to-Practise Exams

Examinations Overview

Examinations are an impartial and objective measure of an Applicant’s knowledge, skill and judgment to practise naturopathy safely, competently and ethically.

While examination requirements will vary depending on your registration pathway (i.e., whether you are a CNME-accredited program graduate, an individual trained outside of the accredited programs and assessed through PLAR, or an ND practising in another regulated Canadian jurisdiction), all individuals seeking registration with the College are required to successfully complete entry-to-practise (ETP) exams. Details about each are provided below.

Which exams do I take?

The chart below explains which exams to take and when, based on different scenarios, registration pathways and timing.

Which ETP exams do I take?

Exam information

About the Ontario Clinical Sciences Exam

About the Ontario Biomedical Exam

About the Ontario Clinical (Practical) Examinations

About the Jurisprudence Examination

Policies and requirements

Find all the ETP Exams Resources & Policies on this page.

Accommodation requests and retaking exams

Accommodation Requests

Information regarding requesting an accommodation is available in the associated handbook for each type of ETP examination and in the quick reference document below.

Exam Accommodation Requests

Retaking an exam

The quick reference document below outlines the processes surrounding retaking an ETP exam.

Retaking Entry-to-Practise Exams