Applicant Fees

Application for Registration

Application for Registration (Step 2 of the registration process): $275 + HST

Issuance of a Certificate: 2021-2022 Initial Registration Fee and Pro-ration Schedule:

  • Applicants registered from March 2 to June 30 pay 100% of fees: $1,609 + HST
  • Applicants registered from July 1 to September 30 pay 75% of fees: $1,206.75 + HST
  • Applicants registered from October 1 to December 31 pay 50% of fees: $804.50 + HST
  • Applicants registered from January 1 to March 1 pay 25% of fees: $402.25 + HST

Copy of Applicant File

  • For printing/photocopying: $0.05 for black and white, $0.10 for colour
  • A fee may apply for postage costs that exceed the amount for a standard letter.

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) Program

PLAR Paper-based review:  $300

Request for re-assessment – paper-based review: $300

Appeal of PLAR Paper-based review: $75

PLAR Written Exam #1 (BME): $450

PLAR Written Exam #2 (CSE): $850

PLAR Written Exam Appeal Fee: $75

PLAR Demonstration-based Assessment (and retakes): $1,750

    • Demonstration-based Assessment Interview: $450
    • Demonstration-based Standardized Patient Interaction: $1,300

Appeal of PLAR Demonstration-based Review: $75

Once deemed substantially equivalent, PLAR applicants will be required to complete the following entry-to-practise exams to be eligible for registration with the College:

    • Ontario Clinical (Practical) Examinations: $350 + HST
    • Ontario Jurisprudence Examination: $75 + HST

Application for Registration (refer to fee schedule above).

All fees are non-refundable, and payable in Canadian dollars. Payments can be paid online with Visa or Mastercard only (excluding debit cards) or by mailing a cheque or money order made payable to “The College of Naturopaths of Ontario”. An NSF charge of $35 + HST is applied for cheques returned due to insufficient funds or for processing payments against credit cards that are declined.

Please note that dual credit-debit cards are not currently accepted.