Applicant Fees

Application for Registration

Application for Registration (Step 2 of the registration process): $275 + HST

Issuance of a Certificate: 2020-2021 Initial Registration Fee and Pro-ration Schedule:

  • Applicants registered from March 2 to June 30 pay 100% of fees: $965.40 + HST
  • Applicants registered from July 1 to September 30 pay 75% of fees: $724.05 + HST
  • Applicants registered from October 1 to December 31 pay 50% of fees: 482.70 + HST
  • Applicants registered from January 1 to March 1 pay 25% of fees: $241.35 + HST

Copy of Applicant File

  • For printing/photocopying: $0.05 for black and white, $0.10 for colour
  • A fee may apply for postage costs that exceed the amount for a standard letter.

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) Program

PLAR Paper-based review: $300

Request for re-assessment – paper-based review: $300

Appeal of PLAR Paper-based review: $75

PLAR Written Exam #1 (BME): $450

PLAR Written Exam #2 (CSE): $850

PLAR Written Exam Appeal Fee: $75

PLAR Demonstration-based Assessment (and retakes): $1750

  • Demonstration-based Assessment Interview: $450
  • Demonstration-based Standardized Patient Interaction: $1,300

Appeal of PLAR Demonstration-based Review: $75

Once deemed substantially equivalent, PLAR applicants will be required to complete the following entry-to-practise exams to be eligible for registration with the College:

  • Ontario Clinical (Practical) Examinations: $350 + HST
  • Ontario Jurisprudence examination: $75 + HST

Application for Registration (refer to fee schedule above).

All fees are non-refundable, and payable in Canadian dollars. Payments can be paid online with Visa or Mastercard, or by mailing a cheque or money order made payable to the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. An NSF charge is applied for cheques returned due to insufficient funds or for processing payments against credit cards that are declined.

Please note that dual credit-debit cards are not currently accepted.