Consultation Program

The College of Naturopaths (CoNO) has, throughout its history, prioritized engaging stakeholders, Registrants and the public in consultations. CoNO’s new Consultation Program will increase these efforts dramatically.

The Consultation Program has been developed as an engagement opportunity focused directly on key regulatory issues, in particular a multi-year examination of the regulatory framework currently in place. The intent of the examination, as established by the Council of the College in its strategic plan, is to determine ways in which we might maximize public protection.

Discussion Papers

Over the next four years, you can expect to see a series of discussion papers issued by the College on regulatory issues, intended to foster discussions about regulation and seek input from all interested parties on the topics put forward.

A discussion paper is not a decision.

None of the information contained in the papers are intended to indicate decisions of the Council about the future of regulation. In fact, most of the discussion papers will not have been vetted or approved by the Council and as such, cannot indicate any intended direction.

Information Sessions

We will host several live information sessions about the topics of discussion, as well as offering recorded sessions to provide background information in support of the discussion.


The purpose of these consultations is to seek feedback on the topics being discussed. This feedback will be used to support future Council discussions and deliberations on these and related topics. All feedback will be published in full on the website, anonymously for those submitted by individuals.

Feedback can be provided in writing to the College as follows:

By mail to:

              10 King Street East, Suite 1001

              Toronto, ON  M5C 1C3

By facsimile to:


By e-mail to:


By using an online form.

Forms will be unique to the individual topics and will be available when consultations are initiated.


Over the next four years, several topics will be the subject of discussion papers, including:

  • Amendments to the standards of practice.
  • Classes of registration.
  • Examinations for entry-to-practice.
  • Specializations.
  • Rostering.

Accessing Consultation Materials

In addition to direct emails oriented toward stakeholders and Registrants of the College, we will also publish all consultation materials on our website.  Consultations on topics that are open for review and feedback, will appear on our Current Consultations page. Past consultations will be available for review after their feedback and conclusions period ends on the Prior Consultations page.

Consultations on Drugs, Substances and Lab Testing

Rather than conducting individual consultations on the substances and drugs available to NDs for administration by inhalation or injection or that can be prescribed, dispensed, compounded or sold, we will be establishing a permanent and on-going submission process. Individuals interested can visit the Drugs, Substances and Lab Testing Consultation page for more information.