Non-Registrants & Titles

Applicants and Naturopathy Program Graduates

In protecting the public, the College takes the issue of falsely representing or “holding out” as a Registrant seriously.

Graduates of a program in naturopathy cannot use the Doctor title or any variation of the Naturopath or Naturopathic Doctor designation before becoming registered with the College. “Naturopathic Doctor” is not an academic credential, so even if completing a doctorate in naturopathy, this does not entitle you to use the ND designation. Similarly, graduates may not use the ND title followed by “candidate” (e.g., ND CAND) to signal their intentions to become registered.

Using protected titles before being registered with the College falsely suggests to the public that you are currently able to practise naturopathy. When such misrepresentations come to our attention, a Cease and Desist letter is issued and the incident is considered as part of “previous conduct” during the good character review of any future application for registration made to the College.

Protected titles should not be used at any time by anyone other than Registrants of the College.