PLAR Demonstration-Based Assessment

The demonstration-based assessment component of the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) program lets you demonstrate (in-person) major professional competencies that cannot be assessed through documents or written exams. It is made up of two components:

  • a structured panel interview, and
  • interaction with a Standardized Patient.

Structured interview

PLAR Applicants must attempt this interview within six months of receiving notification of successful completion of Stage 3 of the PLAR program. This assesses your understanding of fundamental research concepts and methodologies, and your ability to interpret and apply that information.


You will have one hour to review an article and draft answers to the questions provided. Then you will participate in a 90-minute structured interview conducted by a panel of three registered ND assessors who will ask specific and general questions about the article. You may reference your draft answers during the interview.

Interaction with a Standardized Patient

PLAR Applicants must attempt this interview within six months of receiving notification of successful completion of Stage 4 of the PLAR program. This will assess your ability to apply naturopathic clinical competencies to real-life patient scenarios. They include:

  • communication skills,
  • physical examination techniques,
  • clinical practical skills, and
  • professionalism (e.g., when interacting with patients and other health care providers).


You will have approximately five hours, including a short break, to rotate through three stations. Each presents a scenario designed to assess one or more areas of clinical competence (e.g., history taking, communication, physical examination skills, etc.).

The assessment applies a standardized approach, which includes the use of Standardized Patients (i.e., people trained to act out patient scenarios), standardized scoring tools, and standardized exam-day processes.

Number of Attempts

You have two opportunities to successfully complete the structured interview and the Interaction with the Standardized Patient. Decisions of the demonstration-based assessments are appealable in accordance with the PLAR Appeals Policy.


The following fees are charged for each attempt of the PLAR demonstration-based assessments:

Structured Panel Interview (and retake): $450 + HST
Interaction with a Standardized Patient (and retake): $1,300 + HST

To learn more about the demonstration-based assessment components, or about the PLAR program in general, please refer to the PLAR Applicant Handbook.