Volunteer Program

The College’s volunteer program offers Registrants of the College and members of the public a great opportunity to learn more about the regulatory processes governing health professionals generally and naturopaths specifically, through volunteer work with the College. It also represents a great opportunity to develop your skills and support your community through the effective regulation of a health profession.

Our volunteer program is a comprehensive approach to volunteering, ensuring that each volunteer is placed in a role that suits them well, and where they will succeed. The program has several important components that will engage each volunteer over the course of the time in their role. These include:

  • Assessment and Placement
  • Training Program
  • Mentoring Program
  • Annual Self-Evaluation and Learning
  • Annual Feedback to the College
  • Recognition Program

The College’s Volunteer Program encompasses two kinds of opportunities. The first is to sit on a committee that has been appointed by the Council of the College. These may be statutory or non-statutory Committees.  A full list of the Committees can be found here. These are considered ‘governance roles’.

The second opportunity relates to program roles appointed by the Chief Executive Officer. These roles may be operational committees, such as a Health and Safety Committee, or they may be roles that support the delivery of the services of the College, such as Examiners, Inspectors or Assessors. These are considered ‘operational’ roles.