Requirements to Volunteer with the College

To volunteer with the College, an individual is expected to have certain knowledge and skills and must be able to develop additional knowledge and skills while performing their duties.

The following knowledge and skills are required for an individual to be eligible for appointment as a volunteer with the College:

  • An understanding of, and ability to provide leadership, including:
    • The importance of dialogue and the ability to interact with others to draw out thought and information.
    • The importance of working in collaboration with management.
    • The importance of council and committee evaluation processes.
    • The importance of competency-based selection processes.
    • The importance of succession planning.
  • An understanding of the public sector and health systems, including:
    • A broad commitment to the public and people of Ontario.
    • Knowledge of the public interest and can place the public’s interest above the profession’s interests.
    • Knowledge of the health care system broadly.
    • Knowledge of health regulation.

Additionally, the following knowledge and skills are also sought:

  • An understanding of or willingness to learn about Governance responsibilities, including:
    • The role of the council and committees.
    • The role of the Council Chair and management.
    • The role of individual council and committee members.
    • The legal and ethical responsibilities when holding a position of trust.
    • The importance of being independent in thought.
  • An understanding of or willingness to learn about financial and organizational oversight, including:
    • The concept of risk management and risk mitigation.
    • The process for managing people, including recruiting and retaining people.
    • Assessing financial information and can read, interpret and question financial statements.
  • An understanding of or willingness to learn about governing effectively, including:
    • The meaning and importance of conflict of interest.
    • The importance of ethical decision-making.
    • How unconscious bias can negatively impact decision-making and ways to identify these biases.
    • How these issues can impact the reputation of the organization.

All individuals seeking to volunteer with the College, will be assessed to determine which of these skills sets and knowledge they have so that they may be placed in an appropriate role. This process also allows the College to identify its ongoing educational and training needs of its volunteers. Click here for more information on the Assessment Proces .

Some Committees have additional knowledge and skills that they require to be effective on the committee, those are set out here.