The College provides compensation to all volunteers regardless of whether you are fulfilling a governance role or an operational role. The College also reimburses expenses incurred while performing your College duties, including travel to a meeting site.

These following compensation levels apply:

PositionDay Rate[1]Half Day Rate[2]
Committee member$150$75
Committee Chair/Co-Chair$250$125
Committee Vice-Chair$175$87.50
Prep time (Statutory Committees)$150$75
Report Writing (per report)$150
Examiner (per examination)$325
Assessor (per assessment)$300
Inspector (per inspection)$300
Exam Item Writers[3]$150$75
Dependent care[4]$35-$75 

Reimbursement Schedule

The follow amounts are reimbursed for volunteers involved in College activities.

Mileage$0.40 per km
Toll RoadAt cost
Public transportation fare[5]At posted fare
AccommodationsAt cost
Meals Allowances[6]Breakfast – $10.00
Lunch – $12.50
Dinner – $22.00
PPE At cost to $5 max.
COVID-19 In-pharmacy Rapid Test$40.00

All expense claims are submitted online.

[1] Any activity scheduled for or delivered for 3.5 hours or more.

[2] Any activity scheduled for and delivered in less than 3.5 hours.

[3] Rates are for meetings only.  A per item fee is also provided.

[4] Requires prior approval.

[5] Includes bus, air travel, public transportation, reimbursed at cost, lowest fare required, receipt required.

[6] This is a maximum allowance and may be claimed without a receipt. In Canada reimbursed in CAD in the USA or international reimbursed in USD/local currency.