Council and Committee Evaluations

Effective and responsible governance is a critical factor in ensuring the profession is regulated appropriately and serving the public interest. As part of the Council of the College’s commitment to continuous improvement in areas of governance, the Council and the various Committees undergo yearly performance evaluations.

Annual Evaluation Process

Every year between May and July, the Council and all Committees evaluate their overall and individual performance, monitored by an independent 3rd party consultant specializing in governance evaluation.

The evaluation consists of 3 major components, including a general assessment for the Council and its various Committees, an individual self-assessment for each member, and a peer-assessment conducted within the Council and Committees on each of their peers. All self- and peer- assessments are provided directly to the consultant, and not to the College.

At the conclusion of the evaluation process, the consultant meets with the Council and Committees both as groups and individual members to review self- and peer- assessments and offer guidance and mentorship on how to improve performance within their roles. An individualized Action Plan setting out improvement plans for each member is developed for the use of the individual and a copy is provided to the Governance Committee for later follow-up.

Past Governance Evaluations

Reflecting our dedication to transparency, especially in matters of governance, the overall evaluations of the Council and its various committees is published here.


2021-2022 Audit Committee Evaluation

2021-2022 Council Evaluation

2021-2022 Discipline Evaluation

2021-2022 Examinations Appeals Committee Evaluation

2021-2022 Executive Evaluation

2021-2022 Governance Evaluation

2021-2022 Governance Policy Review Committee Evaluation

2021-2022 Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee Evaluation

2021-2022 Inspection Evaluation

2021-2022 Patient Relations Evaluation

2021-2022 Quality Assurance Evaluation

2021-2022 Registration Committee Evaluation

2021-2022 Scheduled Substances Review Committee Evaluation

2021-2022 Standards Committee Evaluation


2020-2021 Audit Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Council Evaluation

2020-2021 Discipline Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Examinations Appeals Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Governance Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Inspection Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Patient Relations Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Quality Assurance Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Registration Committee Evaluation

2020-2021 Scheduled Substances Review Committee Evaluation