Committee Members

Our governing Council is supported by two types of committees: statutory and non-statutory. These committees are made up of naturopaths and public members who serve on Council as well as naturopaths from within the profession and public representatives who are appointed by Council. Appointments are for a one-year term with the option of renewal and all positions are volunteer.

As of April 1, 2021, the College no longer publishes the names of the individuals it appoints to its Committees. While the College has long believed that transparency surrounding which individuals are involved in the regulatory decisions taken by the College, the College has a legal, moral and ethical responsibility to ensure that those individuals are not subjected to harassment and undue influence by external organizations.

We regret that some organizations are not aware of the protocols of communicating through the College and the Council and that the actions of one organization must unduly and negatively impact information available to others.

Find the Terms of Reference for the Committees here.