Standards and Guidelines

As a Registrant of the College, your practice is guided by a shared set of professional standards that help ensure a high quality of care.

Standards of practice

These set out the legal and professional basis for the practice of naturopathy. Each standard describes the expected level of performance for the profession and together they form a framework for continuing competence among NDs.

Standards of practice are established by consensus among naturopaths and reflect statements on how Registrants practise. They are used to evaluate the performance of your peers. Access all the standards of practice.

Practice guidelines

These provide greater detail on the standards of practice, with recommendations on how you can address specific situations in compliance with regulations. Included are scenarios, checklists and issues that you may wish to consider in your practice. Access all the guidelines.

Professional policies

These are statements by the College about the expectations of the behavior of naturopaths. They reflect rules set by the College that govern the performance of procedures. Access the policies.

Practice tables

These outline the drugs a naturopath may prescribe, dispense, compound and sell, including any specific limitations or conditions. Also outlined are the injections that may be performed, including limitations and routes of administration, the specimens that may be collected and the laboratory tests that a naturopath can request for their patients. Access all the tables.