Unauthorised Practitioners

It is important that patients know who is delivering their care. In choosing a registered naturopath, the public can be assured that the individual is qualified to deliver safe, ethical, and competent care.

Only individuals registered with the College can practise naturopathy in Ontario and use the title of naturopath, naturopathic doctor, ND, or an abbreviation or variation of those titles.

On occasion, the College will learn about individuals who are pretending to be naturopaths or naturopathic doctors. These individuals are called unregulated or unauthorised practitioners and are practising illegally. Whenever an individual not registered with the College is holding out as a naturopath qualified to practise the profession or advertising naturopathic services, the College may commence legal proceedings against this person. This may include sending a Cease and Desist letter or seeking an injunction against the unauthorised practitioner from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The names of the individuals who were ordered to stop using the title naturopath and/or practise naturopathy are listed on the College’s Unauthorised Practitioners Register for a period of 24 months of the date the letter was signed back.

If you are aware of an individual holding out as a naturopath who is not registered with the College, please contact us at complaint@collegeofnaturopaths.on.ca or at 416.583.6017.

Injunctions Granted

An injunction is a judicial order that restrains an unregistered practitioner from using the protected title of naturopath and/or practising naturopathy.

The College of Naturopaths of Ontario has been granted an injunction against the following individuals for holding themselves out to be a naturopath/naturopathic doctor without the required registration

Last NameFirst NameAddress(es)Date of Injunction
GagnonDenys43 Spence Ave. Hawkesbury, ONNovember 29, 2019
Seifi FathabadSanaz2130 Lawrence Ave E. Scarborough, ONApril 5, 2024