Complaints for NDs

How to respond to a complaint

You will be notified of any complaints filed against you within 14 calendar days of the College receiving the complaint. You will then have 30 calendar days to respond and provide all requested information to the College.

We cannot assist you with preparing your response. If you require legal advice, you may wish to contact your professional liability insurance provider and retain legal counsel.  

The goal of the investigation is to obtain relevant, objective information about the actions that prompted the complaint while ensuring fairness to all parties.

Tips for preparing a response

  • Review the College’s complaint process
  • Do not discuss the matter with the complainant directly.
  • Read the complaint carefully, paying attention to each concern raised.
  • Address all concerns raised in a factual and objective manner.
  • Give your account of the reasons for the incident or complaint and the actions taken, including any documents or evidence that may support your response.
  • Use clear language and avoid obscure medical terminology or acronyms. Your response will be reviewed by the complainant, legal counsel and public members of the ICRC, who may have no medical background.
  • Be honest, and never alter patient records.
  • If any actions may be taken to improve your practice due to the complaint, outline how you will implement them.

Release of practice and/or patient records

For the investigation to be comprehensive and objective, your full cooperation is necessary. If originals or copies of patient files, appointment and financial records, or other documents relevant to your practice are requested, you must provide them.

Under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, you may provide your patients’ personal health information to the College without their consent.