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As the regulatory College for Ontario’s naturopaths, we actively work to protect the public and provide support and guidance to the profession, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This page includes information, updates and resources for the public and naturopathic patients.


Claims about COVID-19

We have become aware that some Registrants are promoting treatment or supplements as a means to boost the immune system and may imply that this will prevent infection from COVID-19.

Any statements by naturopaths about the prevention and/or treatment of COVID-19—beyond the information made available by public health authorities—are inappropriate, potentially harmful, and likely to violate our Standard of Practice for Advertising. When brought to our attention, such statements will be forwarded to the Inquiries, Complaints & Reports Committee for investigation.

The Standard of Practice for Advertising prohibits marketing and/or advertising that is false, inaccurate, reasonably capable of misleading the public, unverifiable, or contrary to the public interest in the practice of the profession.

Read the latest blog post from our Manager of Professional Practice on Naturopaths Providing immune support to patients during COVID-19.

Media Statement on Amandha Vollmer

The statement below has been provided to interested media who have asked about Amandha Vollmer’s registration status with the College. Please note that our Public Register enables anyone to search for individuals who are registered and thereby authorised to practise as naturopaths in Ontario.

Individuals who are pretending to be a naturopath or naturopathic doctors, called unregulated or unauthorised practitioners, are practicing illegally. We investigate all cases brought to our attention, and posts the names of these individuals on the Unauthorised Practitioners Register.

Amandha Vollmer – Media Statement – March 24, 2020


  • The Ontario Ministry of Health website gives daily updates on the status of cases in Ontario and offers advice and guidance for the public.
  • Public Health Ontario has a resource page that includes information about how to self-isolate and self-monitor.
  • The Government of Canada provides daily updates on the status of COVID-19 nationally, with information on the situation across the country, as well as updates on the federal government’s response.

Find the latest COVID-19 updates on this page.

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