Annual Evaluation and Learning

We provide all volunteers with an opportunity to conduct a self-evaluation on the role that they are playing, on their own performance in that role and the role of their peers.

Council/Committee Evaluation – The Council and each Committee undergoes an evaluation of its performance by the participating individuals. This allows the Committee and its Chair to see how well the group is performing in their own views and ways to improve performance moving forward.

Self-assessment – Each Council and Committee undertakes an assessment of their own performance against a set of measures provided by an independent consultant. This self-assessment is provided to the consultant for consolidation with the Peer Assessment.

Peer Assessment – Each Council and Committee member undertakes a confidential assessment of the performance of each of their peers against the same set of measures provided by the independent consultant.

Individual Assessment Report – Based on the self-assessment and the peer assessments, the Consultant will develop an individual assessment report for each Council and committee member. This is for their own use and is never shared with the College. It identifies where there may be gaps between how a volunteers sees their own performance and how their performance is viewed by their peers.

Coaching Session and Action Plan – Based on the report developed, each Council and Committee member meets with the independent consultant to discuss the report and to develop, as needed, an Action Plan for on-going learning. The Action Plan, once agreed upon, is shared with the Governance Committee who will follow up about mid-way through the coming year to see how each volunteer is doing on their work set out in their plan.

By taking these steps, we hope to not only improve the overall performance of the Council and its Committees but provide each volunteer with the opportunities needed for continuous improvement.