Application Decisions & Appeals

If the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) believes your application may not meet the criteria set out in the Registration Regulation, your application will be referred to a panel of the Registration Committee for a review and decision. You will be notified in writing and given with 30 days to provide any documentation you wish to submit as part of this review.

All information will be reviewed by the Panel of the Registration Committee who will issue a decision based on one or more of the following:

  1. Direct the CEO to issue a certificate of registration
  2. Direct the CEO to issue a certificate of registration after the applicant has completed such education or training as set by the panel
  3. Direct the CEO to issue a certificate of registration after the applicant has completed such examinations as set by the panel
  4. Direct the CEO not to issue a certificate of registration.

The outcome of the review will be conveyed initially by telephone; however, a written decision, along with reasons will also be provided to the applicant.

With the exception of option #1 above, the decisions of the panel can be appealed.

More information about reviews is available in the Application for Registration Handbook.

Appealing a Decision

For decisions other than the granting of a certificate of registration, you will be provided with a Decisions & Reasons document, a written report detailing the concerns that prompted the referral, what the Panel of the Registration Committee reviewed, the Panel’s decision and their reasons.

All decisions can be appealed to the
Health Professions Appeal and Review Board (HPARB).
151 Bloor Street West
9th Floor
Toronto, ON M5S 1S4
(416) 327-8512

Accessing Your File

In accordance with Section 16 of the Code, you may access your application for registration file. Requests for access must be submitted to the Registration & Examinations department in the form of a signed letter to the CEO, either in a printed letter or via e-mail to

Application records are stored electronically on an indefinite basis. Applicants requesting a copy of their full or a portion of their applicant file will be provided with a hard copy print-out, stamped with the word “copy”.

There is no fee for accessing your file. However, fees for printing or photocopying ($0.05 for black and white, $0.10 for colour) or for postage costs which exceed the amount for a standard letter (at Canada Post posted rates based on size and weight) may apply.

You can pick up copies of your file from the College by appointment. Valid photo ID is required. Alternatively, a mailed copy marked confidential may be sent to you if authorised in writing. Note: documents will only be released to you. We cannot approve alternate “authorised” individuals to pick up materials on your behalf.

After receiving your request, the hard copy of your file will be issued in approximately 10 business days.

The CEO may refuse to provide an applicant anything that may, in the CEO’s opinion, jeopardise the safety of any person. Should the CEO refuse the request, the applicant will be notified.