Executive Committee Elections Results

Posted On: May 29, 2024

At its meeting on May 29, 2024, the Council of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario held the election of Officers for the coming year. On behalf of the Council, we are pleased to announce the election results as follows:

Council Chair

Dr. Jordan Sokoloski, ND of Thunder Bay (District 8) has been re-elected as Council Chair and is now beginning his third and final year in this position as set out in the by-laws. Jordan was first elected to the Council in 2017 and has served as a Council member as well as an Officer-at-Large.

Council Vice-Chair

Mr. Dean Catherwood of Toronto has been elected as Council Vice Chair. Dean is a Public member appointed to the Council by the Lieutenant Governor in Council and was first appointed in January 2020. He has previously served as an Officer-at-Large for three years prior to moving to the Vice-Chair position.

Officers-at-Large (3)

Dr. Amy Dobbie, ND of Belleville, Ontario (District 7) has been elected to an Officer-at Large position, one of two positions that must be held by registrants who have been elected to the Council. Amy was first elected to the Council in 2023.

Mr. Paul Philion of Sudbury, a Public member, has been elected to an Officer-at-Large position, one that must be held by a Public member appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. Paul was first appointed to the Council in July 2021 and has been re-appointed for a second, three-year term.

Dr. Denis Marier, ND of Windsor (District 1) has been elected to the second Officer-at-Large position that must be held by a registrant elected to the Council. Denis was elected to the Council in 2022 and was first elected by the Council as an Officer-at-Large in 2023.

The election of Officers is the culmination of an election process from among Council members that began on April 8, 2024, with a formal call for nominations for the Officers issued to Council members and Council members elect. All Officers serve for a one-year term.

Please join us in congratulating the Officers on their election or re-election.

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