Assessor – PLAR Program

ActivityPLAR Assessor
No. of Positions6 (6 Professional members)
AreaOperations – Entry – to – Practise
DutiesPLAR assessors are responsible for the fair and objective evaluation of individuals who have applied to have their education and experience assessed for substantial equivalency to that of a graduate from a Council on Naturopathic Medical Education program (CNME), through the College of Naturopaths of Ontario (the College)’s Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Program. Assessors, following scheduled training, will carry out PLAR assessments, both paper-based and demonstration-based; provide findings and recommendations to the Registration Department for review by the PLAR Committee.
Work volumePLAR assessments are scheduled on an as-needed basis, depending on a PLAR applicant’s eligibility for assessment. Paper-based assessments are conducted remotely, within a timeframe set by the College with the assessor. Demonstration-based assessments are conducted in-person, over the course of one business day, as scheduled by the College.
CompensationThe College pays PLAR assessors $300 per assessment, this includes preparation, conducting the assessment and providing findings, recommendations and/or scoring (as applicable based on the type of PLAR assessment being conducted).
Knowledge baseGeneral: Commitment to conduct fair, objective, bias-free assessments of a PLAR applicant’s education, experience and demonstrated knowledge and skill. Strong written and oral communication skills, and critical thinking skills. Ability to work both independently and collaboratively
DisqualificationsThe following individuals would be disqualified from being appointed to this role: Individuals who are not registered in the General class or who have terms, conditions or limitations that restrict their practising the profession. Have not actively practised naturopathy for at least 3 years. Are the subject of a current disciplinary or incapacity hearing, or who have had a finding of professional misconduct, incompetence, or incapacity against them in the preceding five years. Are a Council or Committee member or employed as administrative faculty or as an instructor at a naturopathic academic institution. 
How to ApplyApplications may be submitted online through the College’s Volunteer Application Process.