Examiner – Program Volunteer

Activity Examinations (Delivery)
No. of Positions7 (7 Professional members)
DutiesExaminers are responsible for the fair and objective evaluation of candidates sitting the College’s entry-to-practice examinations, using provided examiner tools, reference documents and grading forms, and adhering to examiner protocol requirements as outlined by the College.
Work VolumeThe College runs 3 examination sittings per year with each exam sitting occurring on a Sunday for most or all of the day. Examiners will also be required to attend one half-day training session in advance of each exam.  
CompensationEffective April 1, 2022, the College pays examiners $325 per examination day in which they participate.  
Knowledge baseGeneral: Commitment to conducting fair, objective, bias-free evaluations of a candidate’s demonstrated entry-to-practise practical competencies.Strong working knowledge of the scope of practice of naturopathy in Ontario. Strong communication skills, both written and oral. Ability to work independently and collaboratively.Experience in delivering high stakes examinations is considered an asset.   For the Clinical (Practical) Examinations (7 examiners needed): Strong working knowledge of Acupuncture, Physical Examination/Instrumentation, and/or Manipulation.  
DisqualificationsThe following individuals would be disqualified from being appointed to this role: Individuals who cannot commit to a minimum of a 1-year term and participating in two exam sessions. Have not actively practised naturopathy for at least 3 years (in the case of IVIT, have practised IVIT for at least 2 years). Those employed as an administrative faculty member or instructor at a naturopathic educational program, or in the case of IVIT, those currently employed as an instructor or teaching assistant for any Council approved IVIT training course.  
How to ApplyApplications may be submitted online through the College’s Volunteer Application Process.