Getting Your Courses Approved

The College’s QA Committee must approve course content for it to qualify for Category A credits. This evaluation process ensures that each course meets the following criteria:

  • It occurs in a structured learning environment.
  • The course providers are recognised subject experts.
  • The subject is based on the clinical competencies and is related the Scope of Practice of the profession.
  • References or links are provided to support the educational material.
  • Activities are evidence-based.
  • There is no commercial bias or product placement.
  • Generic names are used in presentations whenever possible for all natural health products, devices, laboratory tests, etc.
  • If brand names are used, it appears in parenthesis after the generic name. Every drug mentioned is referred to in a similar manner throughout the presentation.
  • There are clearly articulated and relevant learning outcomes for participants.
  • It is equally accessible to all Registrants.

For IVIT courses, the evaluation also ensures that content includes information regarding contraindications, management of adverse reactions and relevant emergency procedures.

Credit approval

Both course providers and Registrants of the College may request credit approval by completing and submitting the CE Credit Application Form available on the Handbook, tools & forms page, either by mail or e-mail. Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the Committee until all the necessary information is received.

If you require approval prior to the date of the activity, please submit your application form as far in advance as possible and no less than 60 days prior to the date of the activity.

Upon approval, the College will notify you in writing and post your activity on this website under the approved courses list for Category A. Submitting a credit application does not guarantee its approval.

You will find links to download the application form and handbook on the Handbook, tools & forms page.