Inspection Program Requirements Consultation

As part of the Inspection Committee’s Terms of Reference, the Committee is responsible for providing advice and recommendations to Council regarding the requirements for the College’s Inspection Program. The Committee has initiated a review of these requirements with the intention of recommending to the Council in the future, amendments to the Inspection Program Requirements for new premises (Part I and Part II) and scheduled 5-year inspections (formerly Existing Premises Inspections).  Prior to finalizing its recommendations, the Committee is undertaking a consultation with registered premises, Registrants and stakeholders.

This consultation sets out the proposed amendments to the Inspection Program Requirements and is seeking feedback from interested parties. The Inspection Committee will review and consider any feedback received when it is finalizing the proposed changes to be presented to the Council for final approval. Council will also be provided with the information learned throughout the consultation process.

The Inspection Program Requirements apply to an inspection of an existing premises undergoing a scheduled 5-year inspection, and a new premises that will have the inspection conducted in two parts. Part I consists of the requirements that must be in place prior to the premises being authorized to begin performing IVIT procedures. Part II consists of the observation of the performance of compounding for and/or administering IVIT as well as reviewing patient charts.

Proposed Changes

All Inspection Program Requirements are included in the proposed changes below for existing/scheduled 5-year inspections and new (Part I and Part II) inspections, as well as those requirements for which there are no suggested changes. Feedback may be provided on all inspection program requirements, and not limited to only the proposed changes.

Additions, Amendments, Deletions – The proposed changes are intended to:

  • remove redundant requirements,
  • remove requirements that are unnecessary and unrelated to safely providing IVIT procedures,
  • add clarity to better reflect the College’s expectations,
  • add requirements to align with College regulations, standards of practice and guidelines, and
  • add requirements to improve the safety and quality of IVIT procedures.

Terminology/Nomenclature – The Council has directed that a number of terms commonly used by the College be changed in order to improve the collective understanding of stakeholders about the role of the College. The following term is being altered by the Council and the proposed changes to the Inspection Program Requirements reflect the Council’s direction:

Member to Registrant – The Council has asked that references to Members of the College be altered to Registrants of the College in order to create a better understanding that the College is not beholden to its Members as a professional association would be, but rather, created to regulate the individuals it “registers”.

Housekeeping – As is common, when changes are made, there are often minor grammatical issues that are identified, and wording that is inconsistent with related College documents. These changes are not significant, but it is a good practice to make corrections when College documents are being amended.

The Inspection Program Requirements with proposed changes is available for download below.

 Consultation Timing

The consultation begins on January 8, 2021. All submissions must be received no later than the end of business day (5:00 p.m.) on March 9, 2021.

Inspection Program Requirements Consultation Document

Proposed Inspection Program Requirements Amendments – January 2021

Send your feedback 

Any questions or comments about the Inspection Program Requirements and proposed changes should be directed to the Manager of Professional Practice at: