Payment Plan Program

A Payment Plan Program (the “Program”) is available to all Registrants renewing their registration, allowing payment of the 2024 registration fees in 10 installments beginning on April 2, 2024 and ending on January 2, 2025.

Enrolment requires signing up for pre-authorized debit (PAD) from your bank account, agreeing to Terms and Conditions for participating in the Program, and providing your banking information. The deadline for enrolment in the Program is 5:00 p.m. ET on March 31, 2024.

Please note that the Program is not available for use with your credit card; however, you can pay your full annual registration fees on-line with your credit card using our secure payment portal.

How to enrol in the Program

If you are planning to enrol in the program, please have your banking information available before you begin the renewal process as enrolment is only available as part of completing your Information Return form.

Once on the Declaration section of the form:

  • Review the Payment Plan Program information.
  • Click “Yes” if you wish to enrol in the program.
  • Read the “Terms and Conditions” for participation in the Program.
  • Provide your banking details as indicated on the form.
  • Click on the “I agree to the terms and conditions” button.

You will then need to complete the remaining Declaration sections of your Information Return form and submit.

How to find your banking information

The image below, provided courtesy of the Royal Bank of Canada, shows you how to properly identify your banking information from a cheque.

Program Payment Schedule

Payments are set to be withdrawn on the 1st of each month (or the first business day following the 1st if falling on a holiday or weekend) starting April 2, 2024, with the last deduction being January 2, 2025.

Installment dates and payment amounts (inclusive of HST) are as follows:

Payment Plan Installment*General ClassInactive Class
April 2, 2024$209.33$105.04
May 1, 2024$209.27$104.97
June 3, 2024$209.27$104.97
July 2, 2024$209.27$104.97
August 1, 2024$209.27$104.97
September 3, 2024$209.27$104.97
October 1, 2024$209.27$104.97
November 1, 2024$209.27$104.97
December 2, 2024$209.27$104.97
January 2, 2025$209.27$104.97

* Registrants are responsible for ensuring sufficient funds are available to cover each installment. While the withdrawal date is generally set for the first of the month, time is required for the banking institutions (the College’s and yours) to communicate and the fee to be withdrawn, meaning withdrawal may occur at any point in the week following the installment date. Failure to ensure sufficient funds are available will result in defaulting on the payment and being withdrawn from the Program.

Terminating Enrolment

To cancel enrolment, an email requesting the cancellation must be sent to the Registration Department ( at least 15 days before the next payment installment date. All outstanding fees will be due and payable within 30 days of your enrolment cancellation request.

For additional information, please review the Payment Plan Program Fact Sheet.

Program Defaults

In the instance of a single default in payment, the College will allow you to remain enrolled in the Program provided payment of the default amount is made to the College within three business days of the default notice. Failure to pay the default amount within this timeframe, or any repeat default in payment, will result in the termination of your enrolment in the Program and issuance of a Notice of Intent to Suspend with the remaining balance of fees due and payable within 30 days of the Notice. Failure to pay the fees within 30 days will result in the suspension of your certificate of registration for non-payment of fees.