Registration Renewal 2020


Important messages about COVID-19 and Renewal

Because of the impact of the pandemic on our economy and ND practice, 
the College is making temporary changes to the registration renewal requirements for 2020.

Members must still complete the online Information Return form, however, the College is extending the deadline for the payment of registration renewal fees until May 31, 2020. If you wish to pay your fee before this date, the payment gateway will remain open.

Important changes about CPR certification

Please view the PDF file below for a message about the extension of CPR certification deadlines.

Renewal is a two-step process, which you can complete in any order: 

1) Complete the online Information Return form (the official deadline was March 31, 2020)
2) Pay the registration fee (by May 31, 2020)

Both parts must be completed for your renewal to be successful.

Note: The College will process your submitted Information Return form and follow up with you after April 1, 2020 if more information is required. If any incorrect or inconsistent information is identified, you will be issued a Notice of Correction and directed on how to correct the error. There is an administrative fee of $50 + HST ($56.50) associated with this notice. NOTE: As the Ontario Government has suspended certain provisions of Statutes and Regulations, the College is not issuing official Notices of Correction, regarding errors which must be corrected on the information return form, until May 31, 2020.

Fees & Payment

Fees are available to pay online in your College user account.

Class             Fee* 
 General     $1,818.17 
 Inactive    $911.91

About renewing late

Those who do not pay their registration renewal fee by the May 31, 2020 deadline will be charged a late fee of $322.05* and a registration reinstatement fee of $279.11* in addition to being sent the Notice of Intent to Suspend. These fees apply to both the General and Inactive classes. 

*HST included  

How to pay

  • Online
    You can pay before or after submitting your Information Return form, or at any time by clicking on the cart on your account page. ​
  • Cheque or money order
    Ensure your cheque, money order or bank draft is received by the College by 5 p.m. on May 30, 2020 (note this is the day before renewal closes).

NEW: Important changes this year

  • Registration class changes – March 17, 2020 was the deadline for class change applications (General and Inactive). Class changes must have been approved by that date for Members wanting to renew in a different class. If you did not make the March 17 deadline, you will have to renew in your current class and may end up having to pay more (e.g., if changing from Active to Inactive class). Registration renewal fees are non-refundable.
  • New Self-Assessment – The College has created a new Self-Assessment tool focused on advertising. The online questionnaire must be completed and reported on as part of your annual registration renewal in the Active class. This new questionnaire replaces the previous Self-Assessment tool that focused on core competencies and standards of practice. Visit our website for full details or access the questionnaire.


Our online resources will answer most of your questions


Renew Now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The College website and forms are not fully supported by all web browsers and are not compatible with Internet Explorer. The College recommends using Google Chrome or Firefox. From start to finish, the renewal process takes about an hour to complete. Due to current physical federal and provincial directives around COVID-19, the College is currently operating remotely. For immediate assistance during the closure of our physical office we ask that you please contact us by e-mail