Registration Renewal 2019 

Registration Renewal for 2019 will open on February 14, 2019. Below are some steps you can take now to help you prepare for a smooth renewal to meet the March 31, 2019 deadline. 

Things to do now:

Insurance – Make sure your professional liability insurance is always up-to-date to avoid being unnecessarily suspended and having to pay a reinstatement fee.
Name change – If you have changed your name since you renewed in 2018, we encourage you to submit the Name Change Form now (under “Membership Forms”) to avoid potential delays later. 

Class change – changing your registration class needs to be completed before you can renew and this takes time for the College to process. Complete the Change of Class Form (under “Membership Forms”) as soon as you are confident that is what you want to do. 

Other changes – if you’ve moved, changed practice locations, emails, or any other contact details, you are responsible for logging in to your Member account and updating your profile within 30 days of making any change. College staff cannot do this for you because it is a Member’s responsibility.

Is your email address current? 

Make sure we have your current e-mail address. It must be one that you personally check on a regular basis. This will help ensure you receive important communications about the process and about key deadlines. You can update your e-mail address by logging in to your account page.

Payment Plan Program 

The College is again offering a registration fee Payment Plan Program on a trial basis for 2019 for Members who prefer to pay in installments rather than one lump sum. Read more here

Renewal Exit Survey

Thank you to the Members who completed last year’s satisfaction survey after submitting their renewal. Your feedback helps us make continuous improvements to the process. Where possible, we will be incorporating your suggestions into Renewal 2019.

A reminder that renewal is a two-step process that includes completing the Information Return form and paying your annual fee. You must do both or your renewal will be incomplete and you could incur an administrative fee as a result.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The website and the Information Return form are not fully supported by all web browsers, and in particular are not compatible with Internet Explorer. The College recommends using Chrome or Firefox to access the form and the website.