How to File a Complaint

Complaints must be submitted in writing or recorded on video or audio. Although there is no time limit in which to file your complaint, it is best to let the College know soon as possible.

To file a complaint, please follow the steps below.

1. Review the Complaints Process.

2. Complete the complaint form in print or electronically, and provide the following details:

  • The name of the naturopathic doctor. If you do not know the name, provide as much detail and identifying information as possible.
  • Your full name and contact information. (The College cannot respond to anonymous complaints.)
  • The patient’s name (when relevant) if you’re submitting the complaint on someone else’s behalf.
  • Details of the problem (specific concerns, place, and date where the incident or issue occurred, etc.).
  • The names of other individuals or witnesses who could provide the College with more information.
  • Any other information that could help us process the complaint.

If you need help completing the complaint form or have questions about the process, please contact us for assistance.

3.  Attach any supporting evidence.

Please forward all supporting evidence such as copies of patient records, correspondence with the naturopathic doctor or clinic staff, prescriptions, invoices, receipts, labels and/or vials of medication, etc. to the College.

4. Submit the completed complaint form and supporting documentation.

By e-mail:

By mail:   The College of Naturopaths of Ontario
                  Complaints Department
                  150 John Street, 10th Floor
                  Toronto, ON
                  M5V 3E3

By fax:     416.583.6011