Maintaining your Professional Portfolio

Posted On: July 12, 2022

Maintaining a record of participation in Quality Assurance activities is a requirement of every Registrant of the College.  A professional portfolio contains all the information relating to a Registrant’s participation in the Quality Assurance Program including:

  • self-assessments,
  • continuing education, and
  • peer and practice assessment outcomes.

Similar to patient records, keeping and maintaining comprehensive records related to professional activities cannot be emphasized enough. However, similar to record keeping deficiencies, maintenance of a professional portfolio is often overlooked and has been identified as a common deficiency during peer and practice assessments.

A professional portfolio is an organizational tool that is maintained for a minimum of six years and must contain information related to:

  • Self-Assessment
    1. letters of completion of online self-assessments.
    2. previously completed learning plans and self-assessment tools.
  • Continuing Education
    1. CE Log Forms
    2. Proof of attendance/completion from courses
    3. Proof of valid Health Care Provider Level CPR
  • Peer and Practice Assessment
    1. your most recent Assessor’s Report,
    2. Quality Assurance Committee decision and recommendations, and
    3. documentation to support ways of addressing identified areas of improvement (if applicable).

There is no set method in how a professional portfolio must be kept. In fact, a professional portfolio should be maintained in a way that benefits the Registrant. A Registrant can meet their professional obligation in a variety of ways including but not limited to: digitally on ones computer or by keeping a physical hard copy.  Regardless of how a Registrant chooses to maintain their professional portfolio, they must ensure that it remains up to date and readily available when requested to be viewed by an appointed Peer Assessor.

For more information on the Professional Portfolio visit the College’s website.

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