Get Ready to Report your CECs!

Posted On: March 8, 2023

Every three years Registrants are required to submit their CE log forms and often scramble to get themselves organized and put together their logs. Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep yourself organized so that you are always ready to submit your CE log forms on time and without any stress!

Tip #1 – Keep your professional portfolio organized

Your professional portfolio is made up of three components:

  1. Self-Assessment,
  2. Continuing Education and Professional Development, and
  3. Peer and Practice Assessment.

Each component should have its own section within the professional portfolio. Your portfolio can be a folder on your computer or a physical binder, whichever way helps keep you best organized. Your CE logs, certificates of completion, proof of completion, course materials, etc., need to be filed in your professional portfolio. It’s highly recommended that for each reporting cycle you keep all this information in its own folder separate from other reporting cycles, that way nothing gets mixed up or lost.

If you need more information regarding the maintenance of your professional portfolio, check out our Maintaining your Professional Portfolio blog that goes into more detail.

Tip #2 – Maintaining your CE log forms

It is recommended that every time you complete a course or activity, you take time to enter it in your CE log and file the associated information and documents in the appropriate folder. Staying on top of maintaining your CE logs and tracking courses or activities as they get done will help reduce the amount of time you spend at the end of your reporting cycle scrambling to fill out your log forms. E-mails, course materials, certificates of completion, receipts, etc., can easily get lost over the years making it difficult to keep track of what you have completed. Although it is not mandatory for you to submit your proof of completion for each reporting period, it is necessary to keep them in your professional portfolio which will be reviewed by an Assessor when you are selected to undergo a Peer and Practice Assessment.

Tip #3 – Get familiar with your CE reporting cycle dates and deadlines

The College’s website is a great resource for Registrants to find all the information they need. If you’re ever unsure of what your reporting group is or when it’s time for you to submit your CE log forms, you can find this information on the Reporting Periods & Groups page of the website. Your CE reporting group is based on your initial year of registration with BDDT-N or CoNO. You can confirm your year of registration by either viewing your profile on the College’s website or searching for yourself on the Public Register. Once your reporting group is sorted out, it’s good to set reminders in advance of your reporting deadline so that you are prepared when it’s time to submit. The College will also send you a notification letter well in advance of your deadline to remind you.

Tip #4 – Contact the College

Many Registrants fear reaching out to the College, but we aren’t that bad! Registrants are always welcome to reach out to us by phone or email to ask questions or seek assistance. We are more than happy to answer your questions, no matter how silly or small you may think they are. You can find the phone numbers and emails of the various College departments here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

We hope that these tips help you with preparing yourself for your CE reporting deadlines! If you have any additional questions regarding your CE, please feel free to contact the Quality Assurance Department by email at or phone at 416-583-6019.







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