Q&A - Why remove “medicine” from the core competencies?

Posted On: February 5, 2021

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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers: A new blog series.

For the second post in our Q&A blog series, we’ll be tackling a new question asked by several Registrants on one of the potential results of the core competencies consultation.

Why has the Quality Assurance Committee proposed removing “medicine” from the core competencies of the profession?

Since December 2020, the Quality Assurance Committee has been conducting a consultation on the proposed changes to the core competencies. The QA Committee looked at the matter from a risk-based regulation framework.

Under such a framework, various processes and Committees take a closer look at areas where the potential for risk is created. In this case, the College has received a number of complaints and informal inquiries about improper use of titles by NDs, in particular titles that may conflict with the Medicine Act (i.e., title protections for medical doctors). A closer look was thus very necessary.

The QA Committee is considering whether clarifying the language used in the core competencies will lead to Registrants making better references to themselves and their scope of practice, and therefore reduce some of the complaints that come to the College.

It’s important to note that any final decisions have not yet been made. If you find yourself happy with, unsure or concerned about the changes, write to the College at QA@collegeofnaturopaths.on.ca and let us know why. The QA Committee will need to hear how this might impact you, whether negatively or positively, and whether there are any unintended consequences of such a change.

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