Core Competencies Consultation

As part of the Quality Assurance Committee’s Terms of Reference the Committee is responsible for advising on and recommending to the Council standards of practise and guidelines governing the practice of the profession. As a part of its review process, the Quality Assurance Committee has made amendments to the Core Competencies of the profession.

This consultation sets out the proposed amendments to the Core Competencies and is being undertaken by the Quality Assurance Committee of the College in advance of presenting the final proposed changes to the Council. The Quality Assurance Committee will review and consider the feedback received during the consultation. The final changes will be presented to the Council who will also be provided with the information learned throughout the consultation process.

Proposed Changes
The proposed changes include:

  • Changes to terminology;
  • Merged sections for consistency;
  • Added and removed relevant performance indicators to reflect the profession; and
  • Housekeeping amendments.

A summary of changes is available for download below.

Consultation Timing
The consultation begins on December 14, 2020. All submissions must be received no later than the end of business day (5:00 p.m.) on February 14, 2021.

By-law Consultation Documents
Core Competencies – Amended with track changes

Summary of Changes

Send your feedback 
Any questions or comments about the Core Competencies and proposed changes should be directed to the Deputy CEO at: