Reminder: We’ve moved!

Posted On: January 19, 2023

Updated January 22, 2023

As we announced last month, the College of Naturopaths of Ontario has moved to a new location in the heart of downtown Toronto:

10 King Street East, Suite 1001
Toronto, ON, M5C 1C3

Though many of our activities and business is actively being conducted remotely, we continue to have a need for a physical office location to satisfy security necessities, and the requirements posed by some of our many functions including examination production, sensitive material storage, etc.

Our goal was to be operational in our new location beginning on Tuesday, February 21. Due to the tremendous efforts of our Operations team and our various external supports, we are delighted to say that we have met that goal.

Effective February 21st,  all regular mail, registered mail and courier-delivered parcels  must be addressed to the new office location. We request that you ensure that you update our address on file at that point in time. While we have retained the services of Canada Post to re-direct mail from our old office to the new location, this process takes a bit of time. It is imperative if you are mailing renewal information that you address it correctly.

Click here to read a helpful fact sheet with more information on the move and our search for a new location.

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