Announcement: The College is Relocating in 2023

Posted On: December 13, 2022

TORONTO, Ontario, December 13, 2022 – The College of Naturopaths of Ontario is pleased to announce that it will be relocating its main office in February, 2023. Further details on the relocation process including the exact date of the move will be announced once all plans have been finalized. The College’s new address will be:

10 King Street East, Suite 1001
Toronto, ON, M5C 1C3

“While this move is precipitated because the lease at the College’s current location will expire in early 2023, we have also recognized that COVID-19 has very much changed the way in which we conduct our regulatory business, significantly reducing our space requirements,” says Andrew Parr, Chief Executive Officer of the College.

Though much of the College’s business can and is actively being conducted remotely, the College continues to have a need for a physical office location as some work must be conducted in-office for security reasons. Additionally, many College programs, such as examinations, require the production of materials that require access to storage and equipment that is designated for exclusive use by the College.

Agnes Kupny, Director of Operations for the College, has provided the following comparative analysis of the new location with the current space.


Parameter Current space New space
Offices 6 3
Workstations 14 7
Maximum personnel 20 10
Meeting rooms 2 1
Meeting accommodation 28 persons 10 persons
Washroom facilities In office, exclusive use Corridor, share use
Footprint 5,710 square feet 2,806 square feet
Annual rental costs[1] $275,483 $170,942


Ms. Kupny noted that “The total annual rental costs to the College have been reduced by over $100,000 annually, despite a 26% increase in rental costs in Ontario.” She also noted that “The College’s real estate broker advised early in our search that the available space in Toronto, which had increased slightly during the pandemic, was not exerting significant downward pressure on commercial real estate prices.”

“This announcement represents the culmination of a search for space that began informally in mid-2021 and ramped up in November 2021,” says Mr. Parr. “As a part of the College’s commitment to accountability and transparency, we have additionally released a detailed Fact Sheet about this process.”

According to Dr. Jordan Sokoloski, ND, Council Chair, “The Council has been briefed on three separate occasions about the search process and new lease agreement. All this information is publicly available on the College’s website.”

“The Council is more than satisfied that the College staff have exercised good judgment and due diligence in determining the size, location and costs associated with the new space,” continues Dr. Sokoloski, ND. “The Council thanks the Senior Management Team, in particular Ms. Kupny, for their hard work on this important matter.”

Additional questions can be referred to:

Ian D’Costa
Senior Communications Officer
College of Naturopaths of Ontario

[1] Please note that the annual costs include basic rent plus additional rent, the latter which is estimated and is charged based on actual building operating costs.


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