Announcing the Retirement of Dr. Kim Bretz, ND from the Council Chair

Posted On: June 9, 2022

As noted in our earlier Council elections announcement, Dr. Kim Bretz, ND is retiring from the Council. This also means that she has retired from her role as Council Chair, a role that she has served with honour and distinction over the past three years.

Before becoming Council Chair in April 2019, Kim had already served as an Officer-at-Large for three years having been first elected by the Council in January 2016 at the very first Council meeting of the then newly formed College.

Time and time again, Kim has demonstrated her ability to lead by actively listening to the opinions of others, carefully considering the facts, seeking and finding where the public interest lies, and steering the College in that direction.

At a recent In Conversation With, in which she was our featured guest, she acknowledged that she sought election to the Council and the various Officer positions not for some altruistic reason, but rather because she was initially upset by the legislative framework that had been established at proclamation. Kim went on to acknowledge that, over time, she came to understand why the profession is governed in the manner that it is and that the rules were ones established through detailed discussions and negotiations with the Government.

This may very well be her legacy: to selflessly put aside her personal feelings and thoughts, and focus on the “who”, the “why”, and the “how” of any situation, and keenly concentrate on what will serve and protect Ontarians.

And so, sadly, we must bid au revoir to Kim as she returns to her practice and diligent work with her patients in Waterloo.

On behalf of the Council, the Registrants, our valued volunteers, and the staff, I would like to extend to you my warmest thanks, Dr. Kim Bretz, ND for your service, your brilliance, your kindness and most of all, for your support of the College and professional regulation.


With kind regards,
Andrew Parr, CAE
Chief Executive Officer

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