Council of the College - Announcement

Posted On: June 9, 2022

With every new Council year come several important changes and transitions that offer us an ever-evolving outlook on regulating the profession of naturopathy and supporting safe practice. Some of these changes include the elections of new Council members, the departure of others, and new names in various officer positions.

This year, regularly scheduled elections were held in Districts 1 and 3, and a by-election was held in District 2 to fill a vacancy created in the previous year. As a result of those elections and the by-election, I’m delighted to welcome Dr. Denis Marier, ND, Dr. Anna Graczyk, ND, and Dr. Jacob Scheer, ND as the newly-elected Council members representing Districts 1, 2, and 3 respectively. For more information on our new Council members, I invite you to review their biographies on our website.

Under our by-laws and our Council policies, at our most recent Council meeting on May 25, an election of Officers was held. I’m pleased to announce the election of Dr. Jordan Sokoloski, ND as our incoming Council Chair, and Sarah Griffiths-Savolaine as Council Vice-Chair. Additionally, Dr. Shelley Burns, ND* Dr. George Tardik, ND*, and Dean Catherwood** will be serving as Officers-at-large.

Among the many changes with Council includes the departure of Dr. Kim Bretz, ND who served as Council Chair and Dr. Brenda Lessard-Rhead, ND (Inactive). While Dr. Bretz, and Dr. Lessard-Rhead will no longer be serving as sitting Council members, we’re thrilled to note that they’ll both be contributing their valuable time and expertise with some of our various committees.

As we bid farewell to the outgoing Council members and welcome new officers, on behalf of the Council, I would like to extend our congratulations and note that the Council is greatly looking forward to the leadership they will surely bring.


With kind regards,
Andrew Parr



* Denotes a Registrant of the College who has been elected to the Council in one of the seven districts.
** Denotes an individual who has been appointed to the Council by Order-in-Council of the Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Ontario.

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