Update on Professional Liability Insurance

Posted On: November 4, 2021

CAND Professional Liability Insurance

On Thursday October 28, 2021, the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) informed the College of Naturopaths of Ontario of changes to their Professional Liability Insurance program. Effective on November 1, 2021, Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers Ltd. merged with Paisley Manor Insurance to form new entity called Paisley Partners Inc.

We understand that the CAND informed its members and noted that current professional liability insurance policies issued by the former Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers Ltd. would remain valid until the noted date of expiration. The CAND also noted to us on November 2, 2021, that insurance certificates would not be re-issued to note the broker’s name change.

Considering the information provided by the CAND, we have amended our data for all Registrants who have previously informed us that they were insured through Partners Indemnity Insurance Brokers Ltd. to replace that broker name with the new Paisley Partners Inc. This means that Registrants insured through the new entity, Paisley Partners Inc. do not need to take any action with respect to their professional liability insurance information on file with us due to the merger.

Registrants are reminded that they are required to provide us with updated information about their insurance policy when their current certificate is expiring and is being renewed or replaced. We require that Registrants ensure that we always have accurate information about their insurance, including the name of the broker, name of the underwriter, policy number and date of expiration. A copy of the new certificate is also required upon renewal or change of policy.

This is also a good opportunity for us to remind Registrants of the importance of always carrying valid PLI and that, if we become aware that a policy has expired, we will suspend the Registrant immediately. This is a matter of public interest and safety to ensure that patients always have an insurance policy to support them in the event of an injury or worse due to naturopathic care they receive. To support the profession, we conduct a monthly audit on insurance policies and reminds Registrants a minimum of 30 days prior to the expiration of the policy to provide us with updated information.

Any Registrants who have questions about the professional liability insurance requirements of the College are invited to contact us at registration@collegeofnaturopaths.on.ca.




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