REMINDER: Patient Rights Document

Posted On: September 7, 2021

Patients and caregivers have told us how important it is to know about their rights when they their loved ones are treated by a health care professional. They say outlining parameters and boundaries for care increases their comfort level, and helps them feel respected and part of the process. Patients have also said that they feel much more at ease when they know what to expect and understand the treatment(s) being proposed.

The College’s Patient Relations Committee has created a handout for patients that outlines what to expect when receiving care from a Naturopathic Doctor. NDs can download the customizable handout from our website and use it in ways that fit with their practice approach and style. The handout is a simple Microsoft Word-based template—including three options—that Registrants can customize by adding their own logo and other business information.

The Patients Rights handout is available for download on the College’s website.

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