New Currency Requirements

Posted On: May 9, 2024

On March 27, 2024, following a consultation on draft amendments, the Council of the College approved changes to the College’s Registration Policy. These changes include new currency requirements for registrants in the General class, specific to direct patient care, as well as provisions to address the emergency class, a class of registration that is only opened under very specific circumstances.

As a reminder to all registrants, section 6(1) of the Registration Regulation requires that every registrant in the General Class practice the profession for a minimum of 750 hours over each (rolling) 3-year period. This provision, in conjunction with Quality Assurance activities, ensures registrants maintain the necessary knowledge, skill and judgment to practise the profession safely, competently and ethically.

Direct Patient Care

Starting April 1, 2027, currency audits of declared practise hours and activities for registrants in the General class will include an assessment of whether the registrant has accrued a minimum of 750 direct patient care hours over the preceding 3-year period.

While currency audits prior to this date will not require a specific number of direct patient care hours, the first audit following April 1, 2027 will review declared practise hours and activities for the period January 1, 2024-December 31, 2026. We therefore strongly encourage you to start thinking now about your practise and how you will ensure that you meet the direct patient care requirements for practicing the profession.

Currency Audits When Resuming Registration in the General class

If you are registered in the Inactive class, or temporarily inactive due to suspension, your currency audit following a return to the General class will assess practise hours accrued for the year you return to the General class, as well as the 2-year period prior to your date of inactivity.

Inability to Meet Currency Requirements

Registrants who are unable to meet currency requirements are provided with options, as set out in section 6(2) of the Registration Regulation, for remediating currency hour deficiencies. These options include but are not limited to completing a refresher program of training approved by the Registration Committee.

For more information on currency requirements, including currency remediation options, please review our Currency Fact Sheet.

If you have additional questions, please contact Registration staff at


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