Election Announcement

Posted On: December 1, 2021

This is an important announcement regarding the upcoming 2022 elections for the Council of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.

By-Election in District 2

The Council of the College regrets to announce that it has received the resignation of Dr. Jennifer Lococo, ND, who was elected to the Council in District 2 last year. The Council expresses its sincere thanks to Dr. Lococo, ND, for her work.

As a result of this resignation, the College will be holding a By-Election in District 2. The By-Election will coincide with the regular elections for Districts 1 and 3 beginning in January.

Elections in Districts 1 and 3

The election of Council members for Districts 1 and 3 will be held beginning in January with the Call for Nominations to be issued on or before January 21, 2022. Nominations must be received no later than February 21, 2022.

As a result of by-law changes approved by the Council of the College on November 24, 2021, the election process and timing will be streamlined. All forms required for nomination of a Registrant for election will be required to be completed on-line.

More information on these processes will follow.

Learning More About the Role and Election Process

The College is inviting anyone who interested in seeking a nomination in any of Districts 1, 2 (the by-election) or 3 to learn more about the role of the Council, Council members and the new election process.

An Orientation session will be held on Thursday January 20, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. for approximately 90 minutes. Attendance at an Orientation is mandatory for anyone wishing to seek nomination. Even if you are thinking about seeking election but aren’t sure, it is recommended you attend this session as another session will not be offered prior to the close of nominations in February 2022.

Specific topics that will be covered include:

  • The skill set necessary to sit on Council
  • The role and mandate of the College
  • The role of the Council and the role of the CEO/staff
  • The duties and responsibilities of Council members
  • The time and other commitments (i.e., Committee work) implicit in seeking to be on the Council
  • Council and Committee evaluation process requirements
  • Compensation provided for by the College once elected
  • Training requirements once elected
  • On-going support from Council and staff
  • The election process

More information can be found in the updated Election Handbook.

To register for this session, please click here.

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