Change is coming to In Conversation With

Posted On: July 4, 2023

An important new change to our popular In Conversation With townhall series is coming, designed to maintain the value of these sessions while expanding their reach.

Beginning in September, In Conversation With sessions, hosted via Zoom, will forgo the meeting-style format in favour of a webinar structure, allowing sessions to be recorded and made available for later viewing by those who are unable to attend live sessions due to scheduling conflicts.

The new webinar format will:

  • allow greater functionality for attendees, such as the ability to pose questions via the Question-and-Answer chat function, participate in up- or down-vote other queries, and take note of any written answers that may be provided from the panel or supporting staff.
  • maintain participant privacy as audio and video participation will be muted, and attendees will not appear on screen, and;
  • increase panelist and moderator visibility.

Recorded sessions will be made available on the College’s website on the In Conversation With page, along with descriptions of each session and panelist information.

From our post-session surveys, one of the most widely requested changes we’ve received is making Continuing Education Credits in Category A available for these sessions. While we’re unable to make this change, as the informal, conversational nature of these sessions do not meet the structured learning requirements for Category A credits, In Conversation With sessions can continue to be claimed for Category B credits.

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