Announcing In Conversation With: Dr. Mary-Ellen McKenna, ND (Inactive)

Posted On: September 10, 2021

In mid-June, we held our first ever live Q&A session with our CEO, Andrew Parr. This new series highlights staff and volunteers of the College and gives them an opportunity to answer questions from Registrants and the public about the College’s role and mission, policies, and more, in real time in a fireside chat or townhall format.

Our first session was so well-received that we’ve decided to have a follow-on session, In Conversation With: Dr. Mary-Ellen McKenna, ND (Inactive) in October.

About Dr. Mary-Ellen McKenna, ND (Inactive)

Mary-Ellen serves as the College’s Manager of Professional Practice and provides guidance to Registrants, stakeholders and the public on the regulations and standards of the profession.

If you’ve posed a question to the College or have contacted us about your practice, IVIT, Standards of Practice, Guidelines and our policies in relation to practice issues, chances are you’ve already interacted with Dr. McKenna, ND (Inactive)  and have received her help!

How ICW Works

The ICW series is a facilitated session.  Registered participants are invited to submit any questions in advance of the session to allow the College to group questions into themes and to collect any information that will be helpful to participants.

The facilitator will pose questions received to Dr. McKenna, ND (Inactive) who will respond. Participants are then invited to pose follow up and clarifying questions either live or via the chat feature.


In Conversation With: Dr. Mary-Ellen McKenna, ND (Inactive) will be held on October 27 at 9:00 a.m. ET. Anybody who is planning on attending this session is invited to register by clicking on this link.

Registered attendees are also invited to submit questions for the upcoming In Conversation With via this link. Providing your name isn’t required to submit a question.

We’re looking forward to having you join us in October!

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